Silas Edwards is THREE!

Boy, oh boy. Our Silas is three years old! He is so much fun, so full of energy and life and curiosity. He is quick as a whip, very verbal and asks great questions. He makes us feel like our eyeballs are going to pop out of our head some days, but then we always end up laughing after we put him to bed. He’s a joy to have in our family, and we are so thankful for him.


Silas loves building with legos, blocks and magnatiles. He LOVES Paw Patrol, and right now his favorite is Rocky. He says that his favorite song is “Gadol Elohai,” which is a Hebrew song we listen to, but when he gets to choose our morning hymn, he always picks “Rock of Ages” because “it’s Daddy’s favorite.” (He also, hilariously, thinks that when girls sing hymns, you are supposed to call them “hers.”)


He transitioned to a big boy bed a couple months ago, and he sleeps on the bottom bunk. Overall, the transition went well, though we had some days where he played a lot before sleeping and we had a few scares. One day, I went to wake him up from his nap, and when I went in the room, the light was on and Silas was no where to be found!! My heart started beating really fast, and then I heard something coming from his tiny closet. He had closed himself into the closet and slept on the hard floor without any pillows or blankets!! We’ve also found him asleep on the rug a couple times at night, and we’ve put him back in his bed. He still naps most days, but does fine if we can’t make it home for a nap.


Silas is a pretty good eater at three. If he’s hungry, he eats what I give him. He loves Indian butter chicken, white chicken lasagna soup, chickpeas, yogurt parfaits, popsicles, graham crackers, hummus, soybeans, all kinds of fruit, peas, any bread I make (but not the “crusty parts”). He doesn’t love meat, but he’ll eat it. He is all about snacks, and would only eat snacks all day if I let him.


We have a new tradition before bedtime that includes me asking him three questions, which was an attempt to put a limit on the intense stalling he was doing. I’ve loved getting into his little head, and he often surprises me with the answers. His favorite parts of his day always include doing things with his dad. He always says he wants to go to Lake Michigan. He always says he’s most thankful for his mama. He’s a sweetie boy!


For his birthday, Silas requested that he get to make smoothies with granola on top with Dad (we call them “Acai bowls” even though there isn’t a trace of acai in them…). We went blueberry picking as a family, which was a great success. I made him one of his favorite meals, white chicken lasagna soup, and a blueberry pie for dessert. It was Bible Study night, so two families (with two of Silas’ best buddies) came for dinner and dessert. It was a fun day celebrating!


Loves: visiting the library, playing in the pool, gardening, reading books with mom, helping mom vacuum and mop, building towers with dad, wrestling Theo, taking all of the pillows off the couch, making roti with mom, magnatiles and legos, Paw Patrol, visiting Dad at the hospital, Lake Michigan, popsicles and ice cream

Dislikes: pooping on the potty, when he can’t have a snack, when mom walks too fast, when Theo knocks his towers down






Theodore Elliot // ONE YEAR!

Our sweet peach is one year old! It truly was the fastest year of my life, and it is hard for me to believe we are celebrating having our Theo boy with us for a whole twelve months.


Theodore Elliot is a joy. He is sweet, quiet and observant. He’s content, rarely fussy and not easily offended (by a brother who often snatches, pushes, grabs, gets in his face). He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and has the softest, tastiest cheeks. He’s the king of funny facial expressions, and is much chunkier than Silas was at this age! He has curly, curly light brown hair and brown eyes. He acquired five teeth in this past month; the four on top all came within one week!


Theo is fiercely attached to me, and is going through a particular phase where he wants to have my in his sight almost 100% of the time. If other people are around, he wants to be on my hip, just to be sure that I’m not leaving him. He does love his dad, and is happy to leave me to be with him (for a while…). Whenever Jonathan gets home, and we greet him, he makes sure Jonathan knows he’s there and wants a kiss too.  Theo also loves Silas, and especially enjoys when Silas gives him attention. He loves snuggling on Silas’ bed, wrestling with him, crawling across the floor with him. I can already see a budding friendship, and it is so sweet!


One particular thing I want to remember about Theo is how much he loves music. He is a little dancer, and it almost seems like he can’t help but bounce when he hears a good beat. His favorite song is a Hebrew song called “Gadol Adonai,” and if I ask him, “Theo, do you want to listen to ‘Gadol Adonai’?”, he starts smiling and bouncing and doing little desirous chipmunk noises. The only other time he makes those little squeaks are when I ask him if he wants to nurse! He loves to dance around the room with me, or bounce as he holds onto the coffee table.


Theo can say Dada, Silas (“Dayduh”), Mama, More (Mmmm), Dev (Deh!). I’m pretty sure he has said “Night Night” twice, but he won’t do it on command! He has the cutest little wave (think: Queen of England), and he tries to do peek a boo. He walks well while holding onto one of our hands and it is only a matter of time before he is off and running. He takes two naps every day, around 9:30am and around 1:30pm, and he sleeps from 7pm-6am most days. He’s still nursing four times a day, and I’m about to start weaning him.

Theodore means “Gift of God” in Greek, and he truly is a gift straight from our kind Father. He has been a sweet, easy addition to our family, and we can’t wait to see his personality unfold in the coming years.


Loves: listening to “Gadol Adonai” and dancing, trying to climb the stairs, playing with his new tea set, playing with the toy piano, throwing Mom’s tupperware in the trash, FOOD of all kinds, his Dad, having crawling races with Silas, going for walks in the stroller, Oatmeal the cat and Alphie the dog, pushing his “lawnmower” around the yard, playing with fist-fulls of dirt (and eating as much as he can), the Fitch’s red swing, crawling around the library, snuggling in Silas’ bed when we tuck him in for rest time, his toy helicopter

Dislikes: when Mom leaves his presence, when other people try to hold him, when he gets something precious taken away from him, the loud helicopter that lands at the hospital near our house (so afraid!)


Well, well, well…

The transfer to our new blog didn’t go as I planned so I’m going to stick around here until I think it through a little more. I won’t bore you all with the details of what didn’t go smoothly, but rather jump right back in here. I kept wanting to update our blog, but being in limbo has prevented me from doing it, so here it goes.

Jonathan has just about ten days left of his first year of residency! More than anything, I think I feel thankful and relieved. Thankful to have the “most difficult” year of his training behind him, thankful to be done with the transition period, relieved to be moving onto second year.

Summer is upon us now, and we are loving every bit of it. After surviving our first winter here in South Bend, I feel like I could sing every time we go outside in sandals and walk along the river. There is such deep thankfulness in my heart for the sun and warmth and good weather. While the winter wasn’t all awful, I don’t really like to let my mind wander back to it. We have a double stroller that was given to us by our pastor and his wife back in LA, and we just got the tires pumped up yesterday. I’ve already taken the boys on three walks in the past 24 hours, and we all love it!

Both of our boys have birthdays coming up, and Silas is telling everyone that “We are having a silly party called a Double Birthday Paw Patrol Party.” He is eager to do a party with Theo, but thinks it is a good idea to have two separate cakes, so that’s what we’ll do! We are getting to such a fun stage with these boys, and I love it.

About ten days ago, Silas started skipping his nap and instead spent the time hopping out of his crib, playing in his room, taking clothes out of drawers, pulling all the wipes out and arranging them like art. He was starting to nap every couple of days or every other day. While in the past this may have stressed me to no end, God gave me so much grace to accept this new stage with joy. I was rereading one of my favorite books that contained an essay about growth spurts and how it is only stressful if Mom doesn’t adapt and grow with the child. What I took away was that instead of trying to squeeze Silas into an old nap routine that just doesn’t fit him anymore, I want to make this next stage as smooth and fun for all of us as possible.

So I began to tell him that he didn’t have to sleep but could just rest quietly. He now has to stay in his room and quietly play until I come to get him, with the promise of a special post-nap popsicle or frozen grapes with me on the porch or in the kitchen. I make sure he stays for about an hour before getting him, and I try to end it before he is yelling for me.

After a few days of this, Silas mournfully told Jonathan one night at bedtime, “Dad, this isn’t a bed, it’s a crib. It’s just not a bed.” It was the first time he noticed he wasn’t in a bed and expressed sadness about it. We knew it was way past time to upgrade him to a big boy bed, so we found a loft bed on craigslist ($80! From a neighbor who we had met before!) We assembled it all together one afternoon, and Silas has been THRILLED. He sleeps on the bottom, which is a mattress on the floor, and he’s been doing pretty well with it. The first night after we had put him to sleep, he banged his head on the bed and then twenty minutes later banged his lip on the window frame (and there was blood). All in all, it took him about an hour to finally go to sleep but then he slept through the night and still slept in!!

I have to admit, I had some sadness as we said goodbye to the crib, which I plan to write a little about. It is such a good and natural and desirable thing for Silas to grow and develop and reach new milestones, and I need to keep up with him!

Theo is just a peach. We are all crazy about him. Jonathan will often say, “I just want to kiss his cheeks off!” He is so squishy and kissable and silly and fun. Silas has been much more interested in playing with him these days. They crawl around on the floor together, racing and bumping into each other. Silas loves to hold his hands and make him walk. Silas also likes to wrestle him, which is sweet and terrifying, and I have to monitor closely. Silas does struggle with sharing, and Theo doesn’t understand what the big deal is if he takes something that belongs to Silas. We’ve been having a lot of conversations about our brother being more important than our toys and treating him that way.

We are memorizing a catechism called New City Catechism, which has questions and answers for adults and also a shorter version for kids as well as songs to go with. We’ve obviously been doing a shorter version, but it has been so fun and good for us all! Such good conversations have come up. We’re stuck on “What is the law of God stated in the ten commandments?” because, well, there are ten of them. We were discussing “You shall not covet” and what it means to covet, and I really didn’t think Silas was paying attention, let alone understanding. However, later in the day we went to the zoo and as I was getting Silas out of the car, he was looking at a red SUV and he said, “Mom, that is a really cool car. I am coveting that car.” My eyeballs nearly fell out of my head. A few days later, Theo was fussing because Silas had a graham cracker, and Silas shouted, “MOM!!! THEO IS COVETING MY GRAHAM CRACKER!!!!!” I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve got my work cut out with this guy.

Theo is sort of talking, but he uses the same word with different inflection for everything. His first word is definitely “Dada,” and he says it when he sees Jonathan or a picture of Jonathan. He calls helicopters “Daaaah Dahhh.” He calls Silas “Dih Dah.” He can say “Hot” when he sees my coffee, but it also sounds like “Ahduh.” We also have a photo of his Uncle Dev, which he calls “Dah Duh.” Silas and I get some good laughs as we go through the list—“Theo, can you say Dada? Can you say Silas? Can you say Helicopter? can you say Uncle Dev?” It all kind of sounds the same but he seems to think he’s saying different words!!

This is getting way too long, but it feels good to share some of these silly stories and happenings around our home. I love going back and reading these posts, so I’m going to stick with it!


Moving Our Blog!

I’ve decided that I’d like to move our blog over to blogspot…mainly because I’d like to have more control over who reads it. Blogspot allows me to make this blog private and add readers easily by email; wordpress isn’t quite so simple. It’s been a long time coming, and I hope to transfer all of the posts from this blog over to the new one eventually. (You’ll see that I have four of the first posts I ever did up on the new blog already! So fun to go down memory lane.)

I’d LOVE for you to keep reading if you’d like to! Even if you’ve been secretly reading for a while! Please comment and include your email address so I can give you permission to read the new one. I’ll be deleting this blog as soon as I get the posts transferred over!

Here’s the new one…

Hope to see you there!


Theodore Elliot // 8 months

{{This has been sitting for almost a month…it’s been a busy one! Look out for Theo’s nine month post in just a few days!}}




Our Theo is eight months old! He’s passed into the round, wiggly, filled-out baby phase, and it has been so fun. He’s sitting for brief periods, rolling around, scooting, rocking on hands and feet, grabbing at everything! He is a busy guy and so very content to explore his world. He loves to laugh and loves to observe all that’s going on around him. He really enjoys being on soft beds and goes wild rolling, rocking and scooting around.


Theo is nursing 5 times per day (usually around 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6pm and 4am) and worked his way up to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. He loves food: avocado, nectarines, pears, sweet potato, eggs, oatmeal, turkey breast, chicken, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, sausage are some favorites. I’ve been enjoying making big batches of food for him and freezing it, so we always seem to have some good stuff around for him. It’s still mostly mushy, but we are experimenting with small bits of food, and he does seem to enjoy feeding himself!

He’s down to just two naps most days (around 10am and 2pm), though at the beginning of the month we still had occasional “off days” with a third catnap around 4pm. He’s sleeping well at night, though it’s still been a mixed bag. He slept through the night a couple of times, but would wake up  hungry earlier in the morning. The best nights (in my opinion) are when he wakes up around 4 or 5am, I nurse him quickly and then he goes back to sleep until 7 or 7:30am. I’m happy to continue this for as long as he’ll do it!


This month we took a trip to West Lafayette to visit Purdue with my family, and it was Theo’s first night sleeping away from home. He didn’t love it (hello, 10pm, 12pm, 3am, 5am), but it was so much fun to spend the weekend with my family that I just didn’t mind. (In hindsight, I think what kept him up all night was some spinach that I put into his baby food without cooking…I don’t know what I was thinking!!) We ate delicious food, saw a bit of Purdue and enjoyed “being on holiday” as Silas calls it. Theo loved his Papa, Gigi and Uncle Dev, and it makes me excited to spend a week with them next month!

The following weekend we visited friends in Indianapolis, and Theo did fantastic! He slept great at night, took awesome naps and had a lot of fun being loved on by our friends kids. Jonny had this past week off, and Theo has thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with his Dad.


Theo really is the happiest little sweet, and we are so thankful for him!

Loves: watching his brother, “wrestling” his brother, when I turn on our kum kum, the book “Peek a Who?”, scooting around on the floor, playing on mom and dad’s bed, playing with the motorcycle and the music table, Silas’ paw patrol toys, grabbing “big boy books” out of Silas’ hand, when Mom comes to get him from his crib, sleeping in the car, snuggling with Mom, riding on Mom’s hip, crinkling up his nose when he smiles

Dislikes: the booger sucker, a non-moving car, bonking his head